Master Key Experience Week #9 – “The 7 Laws”

My focus this week was “the 7 Laws of the mind”. While I am still working on my Diet from last weeks Blog, I am finding it getting easier the more I embrace the 7 laws and specifically the law of substitution. I’m starting to notice links between what we are learning in the lessons and my day to day life. I wanted to share a specific event or series or events that took place this week that really started to change my perception on what is going on. It all started when my Guide, Pam, reached out to me to schedule a zoom call with myself and Jen. Now, because I am a white, I constantly over think things. That means my first thought was panic! I instantly thought “Did I miss a requirement? What is she going to say? How did I mess this up?” Needless to say, when the time came, the tone of the meeting was completely different than my initial thought. We had a great talk and I found myself reinvigorated and more motivated than ever! The event that took place later that night was where my thinking started to shift. If you have never watched the movie “Yes Man” with Jim Carrey, I highly recommend it! It starts with Jim Carrey’s character being, lets say, less than positive in his life. After he runs into an old friend he is roped into attending a “self help” sort of conference where he is challenged to say “yes” where he would normally say no. I don’t want to give too much away but I will say its worth a watch!

3 thoughts on “Master Key Experience Week #9 – “The 7 Laws”

  1. I must say, Brandon, Jim Carrey is always worth watching! Haven’t seen the movie, so thanks for the recommendation! 🙂


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