Master Key Experience Week #12 – “Mental Diet, Updated”

I did it! 7 days with ZERO negative thoughts! To be honest I was pretty skeptical when a few weeks ago when we first talked about the mental diet. Life gets in the way of a lot of things and quite frankly I thought this would be one of them. At this point in the process I fully believe in what we are doing and know that the little exercises compile and add up to BIG things but to say I was confident in my ability would be a lie. That being said, I am usually a pretty quiet observer and only give my opinions in rare occasions but to not have even one negative thought was going to be tough.

I am happy to say through the use of the 7 laws of the mind and in particular the use of substitution I was able to compete the task. Now to embrace the law of growth and continue my positive mental attitude because as we all know, what you think about grows.

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