Masker Key Experience week #15 – “Rewired”

This week I wanted to share a documentary that has given me enormous insight to the metal progression that we are working towards in the MKE. The documentary was brought to my attention by a fellow Master Keys member and I wanted to do my part by passing it along. It is called “Rewired” by Dr. Joe Dispenza. I can’t recommend it highly enough. It is a 13 part series that pretty much follows the idea behind the MKE and even goes a little bit further to explain the science behind it all. What really stood out to me was the episode about meditation and what happens to the brain waves and activity during meditation. If your personality color type is “white” like mine you probably look too deep into most things. Something I was definitely doing while trying to learn the art of meditation. For me Dr. Dispenza’s explanation of the different levels of brain activity and brain waves really gave me the clarity I needed. So, If you are struggling even a little bit with or just curious to hear the science behind this, I encourage you to look into this documentary.

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