Master Keys Experience Week #14 – “13 Virtues”

This week in the Master Key Experience we embarked on a 13 week journey. In addition to last weeks “Gratitude’s” exercise, which is on going, we are given a list of 13 words or virtues that we rank from 1 to 13. The idea is every week we identify a single one to focus on. We are to look for or observe any example of these virtues in everyday life. This week the word I chose to focus on is discipline. I have noticed that as the week progressed it became easier to spot acts of discipline. Whether that be from my dogs listening when I instruct them to come inside or a coworker committing to accomplishing a task or even something as simple as brushing my teeth at the end of the day. The more you notice and observe these acts the more you realize these virtues are within you!

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