Masker Key Experience week #15 – “Rewired”

This week I wanted to share a documentary that has given me enormous insight to the metal progression that we are working towards in the MKE. The documentary was brought to my attention by a fellow Master Keys member and I wanted to do my part by passing it along. It is called “Rewired” byContinue reading “Masker Key Experience week #15 – “Rewired””

Master Keys Experience Week #14 – “13 Virtues”

This week in the Master Key Experience we embarked on a 13 week journey. In addition to last weeks “Gratitude’s” exercise, which is on going, we are given a list of 13 words or virtues that we rank from 1 to 13. The idea is every week we identify a single one to focus on.Continue reading “Master Keys Experience Week #14 – “13 Virtues””

Master Key Experience Week #13 – “Gratitude”

For our latest MKE exercise we are focusing on Gratitude and “things we have done right” because after all, what we think about grows. This week Mark J challenged us to write down three things we are grateful for everyday, which is a habit I developed a little over a year ago. Last year forContinue reading “Master Key Experience Week #13 – “Gratitude””

Master Key Experience Week #12 – “Mental Diet, Updated”

I did it! 7 days with ZERO negative thoughts! To be honest I was pretty skeptical when a few weeks ago when we first talked about the mental diet. Life gets in the way of a lot of things and quite frankly I thought this would be one of them. At this point in theContinue reading “Master Key Experience Week #12 – “Mental Diet, Updated””

Master Key Experience Week #11 – “Never do I let any day end in failure”

Lately, I have found myself becoming more focused than ever on my business. One thing I have always struggled with is “being too busy being busy”. I have always thought if I stay busy it means I am getting a lot done. Recently, throughout my journey, I have been forced to look within and realizedContinue reading “Master Key Experience Week #11 – “Never do I let any day end in failure””

Master Key Experience week #10 – “Giving of Thanks”

Its finally the week of Thanksgiving and a “bye week” as far the the MKE webinars go. In a week that is usually full of Family, Friends, Turkey and Football, It will look a little bit different this year, at least for me. Fortunately, Mark has taught us about the Law Of Substitution and howContinue reading “Master Key Experience week #10 – “Giving of Thanks””

Master Key Experience Week #9 – “The 7 Laws”

My focus this week was “the 7 Laws of the mind”. While I am still working on my Diet from last weeks Blog, I am finding it getting easier the more I embrace the 7 laws and specifically the law of substitution. I’m starting to notice links between what we are learning in the lessonsContinue reading “Master Key Experience Week #9 – “The 7 Laws””

Master Key Experience week #8 – “The Diet”

This week started my diet, a MENTAL diet! Only rule is…. eliminate ALL negative thoughts! As we focus on using the law of substitution, we learn that the mind can’t hold two thoughts at the same time. The idea is you can use this rule to “substitute” a negative thought for a positive one. WheneverContinue reading “Master Key Experience week #8 – “The Diet””

Master Key Experience week #7 – New Introductions

This week in the Master Key Experience was probably one of the most memorable for me. Not to take away the importance from the previous weeks because I really believe in building a strong “foundation”, but this week for me was a game changer. Mark talked about something that really made be sit and thinkContinue reading “Master Key Experience week #7 – New Introductions”

Master Key Experience Week 6 – Taking Notice

This week has been particularly beautiful here in Michigan. It has been unseasonable warm for this time of year and has made it say easy to start to notice the the gifts that surround me. Two of my favorite hobbies in life are playing golf and deer hunting. Usually these two things are separated intoContinue reading “Master Key Experience Week 6 – Taking Notice”

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