Master Key Experience Week 5 – Thoughts and Opinions

This is the week of no opinions and I had no idea just how challenging this task was going to be! As the week has played out, I find myself interjecting my opinion less and less but It was definitely a challenge for me! One thing that really has helped me over the week isContinue reading “Master Key Experience Week 5 – Thoughts and Opinions”

Master Key Experience Week #4 – “The Embrace”

For me this week has been about embracing the questions and the struggle. When I say “struggle” I don’t mean the daily and weekly tasks, I actually find that pretty enjoyable. The struggle for me is allowing myself to relax and let the process come to me. The thing that has helped me most withContinue reading “Master Key Experience Week #4 – “The Embrace””

Master Key Experience Week 2 – “Tough Week”

Week 2 of the Master Key Experience was off to a GREAT start! I found myself getting a jump start on the upcoming week. I spent Saturday getting organized, making a schedule for the week to come and really getting excited about putting the right foot foreword for once! (Again, for those of you whoContinue reading “Master Key Experience Week 2 – “Tough Week””

Master Key Experience Week 1 – The Beginning of the “whats next”…

Today is the first Friday in October and marks pretty much the end of Week 1…. For those of you that don’t know me, let me catch you up. A little over a week ago I was introduced to what it known as “The Master Key Experience”. It was explained to me as a “lifeContinue reading “Master Key Experience Week 1 – The Beginning of the “whats next”…”

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