Master Key Experience Week #13 – “Gratitude”

For our latest MKE exercise we are focusing on Gratitude and “things we have done right” because after all, what we think about grows. This week Mark J challenged us to write down three things we are grateful for everyday, which is a habit I developed a little over a year ago. Last year for Christmas I received a gift that turned out to be more meaningful than I knew at the time. It was a planner that included a section to write down, every morning, 3 things you are thankful for. Needless to say this last year was a tough one for many reasons. I truly think this played a HUGE roll in helping me keeping a positive attitude and staying me on track day in and day out. Little did I know that almost a year later I would find myself in familiar territory.

2 thoughts on “Master Key Experience Week #13 – “Gratitude”

  1. And don’t forget, Brandon, as long as you are staying on track, John and I have your back! Thanks for keeping your blog posts current! 🙂


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